Ghost Contact Form

Ghost, the blogging platform that I use for this site is relatively new to me, so I'm having to work out things as I go. I'll share them; to save you some pain should you be having the same troubles! »

Broken Grub?

I recently decided to try a new Linux distro; elementary. However after what (appeared) to be a successful UEFI installation my machine reboots and I got a lovely No bootable media found message! Another lad in my office experienced a »

Iked/c (VPN) in a Docker container

This is a bit of a personal project however I felt it highlighted the power of Docker, specifically around the fact you can ship your application with underlying OS level dependencies in a container, even if your target host has »

Using JSON in chef cookbook attributes

One of the little niggles with chef that annoys me is the fact you can't use a JSON file for cookbook attributes, yet role and node attributes are in JSON, instead you're stuck with having to transpose between ruby and »

Redis + Sentinel behind HAProxy

Just a quick note, I recently worked out how to have a single IP for your Redis set. Take the following scenario where you have three Redis instances, one master and two slaves. You also have three Redis sentinels which »