MigSQL Migration Tool

I've made a little lightweight ruby bin executable to handle MS SQL migration (up/down/targetted version) within a CI environment.


I needed a simple way to manage up/down sql scripts within our CI environment for a bunch of existing, very old MS SQL servers.

If you read my blog enough you'll know that we use a set of ruby scripts in order to facilitate a lot of our build processes, so it made sense to incorporate it into there.

Once you've installed it with 'gem install migsql', you can create up/down migration scripts with the following simple commands:

  • migsql init
  • migsql create-migration some-name
  • migsql migrate
  • migsql migrate to
  • migsql will handle the up/down scripts required to take your database to the desired version.


As usual, on my github https://github.com/Stono/migsql