NPMZor NPM Registry

I wrote a little NPM server that I made which does the following:

  • Allows your CI environment to host internal node.js npm modules.
  • Allows for multiple external node.js npm repositories.
  • Allows your CI environment and Development team to only have to point to a single registry.
  • Caches external modules on your internal network.


This project came about as the company I work for have a rather complicated proxy setup which makes development and CI environments a bit of a nightmare to manage. We also had the requirement to host modules which have been built internally on our CI environment available to the developers and builds of other modules.

I wanted the development team, and CI environment to be able to point to a single point, and that single point would serve up internal modules, as well as traversing external registries if required via the relevant proxy and returning the result, and caching those results where possible.


On my github, naturally

Enjoy :)